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Who We Are

FYVFY is the creator of the FY-DENY I — the must-have basketball shoe cover that protects against the elements and makes sure you’re always the first one on and off the court. When worn regularly, the FY-DENY preserves your original grip so you can cross over the competition, not the other way around. If you’re a player on the go, go with FYVFY.

The Purpose

We exist to give players across the country an effective and stylish solution to a problem we’ve all encountered — how to get to and from the court quickly while preserving the original grip of your shoe. Whether you’re running late for tip-off or just want to keep your shoes looking their best, the FY-DENY is the only way to take the court on time and in style.

The FY-DENY’s versatility and durability make it ideal for players of any level. It zips on and off in seconds and can adapt to a wide range of styles and sizes, even storing easily in your bag when not in use. To look your best off the court and perform your best on the court, FYVFY is here to assist.

Our Name

The idea behind FYVFY is simple — five versus five. It’s a concept at the heart of the game we love, here to ensure your five are always game ready. art of the game we love, here to ensure your five are always game read

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